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How Much Value Does a Fence Add to Your Lakeland Property?

how much value does a fence add

A new fence can be a worthwhile investment for your property. Still, you may wonder, “How much value does a fence add to my home?” Lakeland’s residential fencing experts help you understand the benefits of installing a new fence.

How Does a New Fence Installation Add Value to a Lakeland Property?

A quality fence installation can significantly improve the value of your Lakeland home in several ways. New fences can increase curb appeal, privacy, and outdoor comfort. Depending on the types of fences you install, your family could enjoy these benefits for years or use them to leverage potential home buyers during the selling process.

Hiring a professional contractor is the best way to ensure that you get the highest value from your new fence. Reputable companies will provide superior-grade materials with high water and UV-resistance ratings.

The scale of your Lakeland fence project may also determine how much value your fence adds. For example, upgrading your home’s front lawn with a galvanized chain-link fence may be practical for your lifestyle, but not for all potential buyers. You could elevate your home’s value by installing a rust-resistant vinyl fence across the entire property.

Improved Curb Appeal

A new fence is a cost-efficient way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Some of the most popular fence materials to consider include:

  • Custom PVC and vinyl boards
  • Durable cedar, pine, or redwood planks
  • Ornate, impact-resistant aluminum metal fencing
  • Decorative pool and perimeter fencing

Each type of fence has its own distinguishing and stylish features that can increase your property’s beauty and practicality. For instance, seamless vinyl fencing can improve yard privacy and deter nosey neighbors. Alternatively, wood picket fences can provide a classic style for mid-century or rustic-style homes.

A new fence will clearly mark the boundaries between you and your neighbors’ lawns. Consequently, they are practical investments for you and prospective home buyers in Lakeland.

Additional Security Benefits

Many Lakeland homeowners wonder, “How much value does a fence add to my property if it includes security features?” Standard chain-link and wood fences provide slight improvements to your security. These yard upgrades can keep animals out and obstruct trespassers. 

However, fences with gates, automatic locks, or other security features can significantly boost the value of your home compared to conventional solutions. The quality of your new fence is an essential factor to consider when determining value. Some contractors suggest that installing a $10,000 fence with premium slats or metal could raise the resale value of your home by up to 60%. 

A professional contractor can help you crunch the numbers during an initial consultation. It’s important to ask questions about available materials to ensure that you get the highest return on your upgrade when it comes time to sell your property.

Long-Term Maintenance Requirements

The average cost of fence installations will vary depending on your chosen materials. For example, a foot of wire fencing typically costs anywhere from two to five dollars per foot. On the other hand, steel or aluminum metal fencing could cost $30 per foot or more.

Consider the upfront cost of your fence installation when determining how much value it will add to your Lakeland, FL, property. Remember, low-grade wood could cost you or potential home buyers hundreds of dollars in repairs down the line. In general, investing in robust materials like vinyl and metal is a good way to avoid damage year-round.

The stronger the material, the higher your home’s value will be in the eyes of prospective buyers. If you have an old fence system, consider replacing it before listing your home. Crumbling or discolored fences can drop your home’s value, even if it still provides some privacy perks. 

You may be able to restore old fences to pristine condition with the proper products and techniques. However, partnering with a fencing company for an upgrade may be more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Enhance Your Property With Help From My Fence Company

Reliable fencing contractors at My Fence Company are standing by to deliver quality installations at competitive rates. Schedule a consultation online or speak to a representative if you have questions about the process. You can expect outstanding communication and professional advice when partnering with this team of dedicated fence specialists. 

Maximize your home’s resale value and curb appeal with highly-recommended aluminum fencing solutions. Your contractors will install these fences quickly without sacrificing quality.

How much value does a fence add to your property? Learn more with My Fence Company in Lakeland, FL.

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From start to finish, everyone was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Brianna was on time and very knowledgeable when she measured our yard and prepared our quote. When a possible issue arose getting approval from our HOA Mo Zaban quickly became involved and helped clear up the issue! The 3 gentleman that came to install the fence were amazing! Professional, personable and extremely hard working! They went out of their way to make sure the installation was done to perfection. Job well done! I highly recommend My Fence Company for all your fencing needs, you will not be disappointed.
Daniela Feldmann
Daniela Feldmann
Mo and his team from “My fence company” did an amazing job with our fence. He new all the laws and was prepared for the first appointment.
Tracey Yount
Tracey Yount
Excellent service. Would highly recommend. High quality product with professional installers and sales. Will use this company again for my next fence project.
cleefton pierre
cleefton pierre
They were great, everyone was professional. The fence was great. Would definitely recommend.
Kay Harris
Kay Harris
I had the pleasure of having my fence installed 2021. Mo was very personable and offered by far the best quote as I had did quite a bit of shopping around with having such a large yard space. I must say the work truly speaks for itself as my fence stood the test during this recent September 2022 hurricane, where many of my neighbors were leaning or missing slats, my fence remained in tact.
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell
Really nice work and great to deal with. Fence came through Tropical Storm Nicole with zero issues. Thanks!
Summer Strawbridge
Summer Strawbridge
My Fence had the best customer service. Collins was awesome to talk to and she told me exactly the fence that would be best for me! They were easy to work with and did everything they said they would. I loved working with them.
Valarie Farr
Valarie Farr
We had just moved into a house that didn't come with a fence. We needed one since we have a dog. My Fence Co. was able to come out the next week for an estimate and the wait for the install was only 3 weeks! Very professional and communicative! We love our new vinyl fence!