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How To Add Privacy to Your Chain Link Fence in Lakeland, FL

how to add privacy to chain link fence

Chain link fences are one of the most popular fence types in Lakeland, FL. While wood, stone, and other natural materials demand constant upkeep, chain link fences are easy to install and low-maintenance. Likewise, while iron and steel fences come with a hefty installation cost, chain links prove economical. However, the most significant concern property owners have is how to add privacy to chain link fences.  

The team at My Fence Company knows prying eyes can make your backyard feel like it’s on display. Instead of limiting outdoor activities, search “fencing contractors in my area.” An equipped specialist from My Fence Company can immediately implement any of the following changes. 


Wood, vinyl, or PVC slats slide between the metal wires and can last decades. They’re also easy to repair since you can pull out broken, warped, or discolored slats and replace them with new ones without dismantling the entire fence.

Vinyl and PVC last longer than wood since wood warps and rots with the natural elements, but many still choose it for its traditional aesthetic. If you want to receive the same natural, rustic look without the upkeep, opt for faux wood with a longer lifespan. 

Once you pick the paint color or stain finish that matches your exterior design, have a professional install them horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The opaque slats reduce visibility by 80% maximum, but the durable material is hard to scour or damage, making trespassing difficult.


Whether you want a new fence without removing the old one or want to learn how to add privacy to chain link fences, consider screwing wooden fence panels into one side for 100% privacy. From stains to paints and horizontal to vertical panels, these versatile panels come in numerous styles and finishes. 

However, like wooden slats, wooden panels receive discoloration from UV rays, rot, and mold from floods and rains and deteriorate with insects. They also require more upkeep than bare chain link fences and could come off effortlessly if not adequately installed. Still, they’re more appealing than slats, boosting property value and aesthetics. 


Like wooden panels, bamboo and reed screens layer over the chain link fence for additional privacy. They’re also similar to panels because they comprise natural materials and are more aesthetically pleasing than the first option on our list. Although they weaken with pests and moisture, they last almost twice as long as wood with proper care. 

Depending on how much privacy you want, you can choose bamboo screens according to thickness and height. Also, determine style and natural color options that match your property’s exterior. Many choose durable and long-lasting bamboo over reeds, but for a more economical choice, the latter offers a slightly thinner and more fragile material at a cheaper cost. 


If you want to learn how to add privacy to chain link fences in moderation, use a privacy mesh. Unlike the above options, meshes cover the entirety of your chain link fence and at the opaqueness level of your choosing. As such, if you want absolute privacy, choose 96% opaqueness, but to filter some light in and see out of your yard, opt for a sheerness level of 80%. 

The more tightly woven the polypropylene material, the darker the tarp-like product. It’ll provide optimal privacy and protection from the summer sun rays, but the darker your mesh, the more warmth it absorbs, increasing heat in the area. Meshes also block wind and water that move your soil, contributing to erosion and uprooted delicate plants, but can sag or rip over time without proper installation or care. 


Nothing is prettier for a suburban yard than hedges covering an industrial-looking fence. Whether you choose natural or artificial hedges, they’ll complement a foliage-filled yard. 

To blend it into your landscape, choose real shrubs or vining plants like English Ivy that intertwine within the chain links. If live-plant care is too much to handle or you can’t wait for them to grow in and cover all open spaces, opt for faux greenery that requires no upkeep.

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When you need to know how to add privacy to chain link fences, who better to trust than a team with over 100 Google reviews? My Fence Company includes licensed, bonded, and insured contractors that constantly earn five-star reviews. If you need a privacy fence in your front yard, contact the fence experts in Lakeland, FL, for 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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From start to finish, everyone was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Brianna was on time and very knowledgeable when she measured our yard and prepared our quote. When a possible issue arose getting approval from our HOA Mo Zaban quickly became involved and helped clear up the issue! The 3 gentleman that came to install the fence were amazing! Professional, personable and extremely hard working! They went out of their way to make sure the installation was done to perfection. Job well done! I highly recommend My Fence Company for all your fencing needs, you will not be disappointed.
Daniela Feldmann
Daniela Feldmann
Mo and his team from “My fence company” did an amazing job with our fence. He new all the laws and was prepared for the first appointment.
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Tracey Yount
Excellent service. Would highly recommend. High quality product with professional installers and sales. Will use this company again for my next fence project.
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cleefton pierre
They were great, everyone was professional. The fence was great. Would definitely recommend.
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Kay Harris
I had the pleasure of having my fence installed 2021. Mo was very personable and offered by far the best quote as I had did quite a bit of shopping around with having such a large yard space. I must say the work truly speaks for itself as my fence stood the test during this recent September 2022 hurricane, where many of my neighbors were leaning or missing slats, my fence remained in tact.
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Michael Farrell
Really nice work and great to deal with. Fence came through Tropical Storm Nicole with zero issues. Thanks!
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Summer Strawbridge
My Fence had the best customer service. Collins was awesome to talk to and she told me exactly the fence that would be best for me! They were easy to work with and did everything they said they would. I loved working with them.
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Valarie Farr
We had just moved into a house that didn't come with a fence. We needed one since we have a dog. My Fence Co. was able to come out the next week for an estimate and the wait for the install was only 3 weeks! Very professional and communicative! We love our new vinyl fence!