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How To Choose a Fence Contractor in Lakeland, FL

how to choose a fence contractor

Lakeland, FL, is home to many home improvement companies. However, learning how to choose a fence contractor with the right tools and training to complete your next project correctly will save you time and money. Lakeland’s professional wood fencing contractors explain how you can simplify your search.

What Qualities Make a Good Lakeland Fence Contractor?

No matter how large or small your Lakeland fence installation project may seem, you should find a contractor who will commit 100% to the job. Professional fence contractors should arrive on time, safely handle tools and materials, and provide expert advice when you need it.

Your contractor should also have the proper licensing and insurance to construct new additions on your property. Working with an uninsured contractor could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if they cause damage during the job.

You should expect your contractor to have the industry knowledge to complete your fencing project quickly — even if you own a large property. Still, don’t partner with a fence company in Lakeland that will deliver fast results at the expense of quality work. Discuss your expectations with potential contractors to determine if they are up for the task.

Above all, a reputable contractor should provide you with outstanding customer service and communication. Without these essential skills, you could experience unnecessary delays and stress. 

Ask Lakeland Neighbors for Recommendations

If you aren’t sure how to choose a fence contractor in Lakeland, start by asking your neighbors for recommendations. This way, you can receive honest advice from past customers instead of companies trying to sell you their service. You can also explore other sources, such as:

  • Online reviews
  • Magazine and newspaper features
  • Home service networking events
  • Social media groups

It’s best to partner with a five-star company for the best service. Search engines like Google should provide all the information you need from past customers to make a wise decision. 

You can also explore fence contractors’ websites to view detailed testimonials. However, don’t rely solely on this method during research. Many fence contractors will only feature their best reviews, so take the time to view other sources for the complete picture.

Schedule a Consultation or Interview in Lakeland, FL

Start scheduling consultations once you find a few good candidates for your Lakeland, FL, project. An in-person interview will help you gauge the contractor’s attentiveness, professionalism, and respect. You should hire a fencing specialist who will be easy to talk to on-site and over the phone.

Contractors with fence installation experience will provide multiple recommendations for your design before you commit to their service. Ask your contracting candidate several questions about your project to decide if they have the problem-solving skills you require. It may also be a good idea to discuss which types of products they use to ensure that you get the longest life out of your fence.

Your consultation will be vital in the fence construction process. Don’t let your contractor rush you through the appointment. This problem could indicate time-management problems or impatience that may result in lackluster results.

Review Offers and Benefits

Reliable contractors will offer several benefits when working with them. Financing options are a major factor to consider when choosing your fence contractor. Large-scale projects can be expensive, so partnering with a company that offers budgeting perks is wise.

Your contractor should also be flexible with booking. Suppose you manage a busy schedule due to work or school. The last thing you need is a contractor available only when you are away from home.

Most fence contractors in Lakeland also offer warranties on products and labor. However, not every type of warranty may apply to your project. That is why you should review your options during a consultation or interview to ensure that you get the most for what you pay.

Hire My Fence Company for the Best Results

Knowing how to choose a fence contractor in Lakeland, FL, is a practical way to ensure that your project goes smoothly. Fortunately, top-rated installation specialists are just a phone call away at My Fence Company. These contractors have everything they need to provide you with fast, high-quality service year-round.

My Fence Company makes scheduling a consultation easy through their online portal. Continue exploring their website to see how they handle wood, vinyl, and chain-link fencing projects. A friendly representative will answer any questions you have about pricing and scheduling.

Are you still unsure how to choose a fence contractor in Lakeland, FL? Contact My Fence Company today.

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From start to finish, everyone was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Brianna was on time and very knowledgeable when she measured our yard and prepared our quote. When a possible issue arose getting approval from our HOA Mo Zaban quickly became involved and helped clear up the issue! The 3 gentleman that came to install the fence were amazing! Professional, personable and extremely hard working! They went out of their way to make sure the installation was done to perfection. Job well done! I highly recommend My Fence Company for all your fencing needs, you will not be disappointed.
Daniela Feldmann
Daniela Feldmann
Mo and his team from “My fence company” did an amazing job with our fence. He new all the laws and was prepared for the first appointment.
Tracey Yount
Tracey Yount
Excellent service. Would highly recommend. High quality product with professional installers and sales. Will use this company again for my next fence project.
cleefton pierre
cleefton pierre
They were great, everyone was professional. The fence was great. Would definitely recommend.
Kay Harris
Kay Harris
I had the pleasure of having my fence installed 2021. Mo was very personable and offered by far the best quote as I had did quite a bit of shopping around with having such a large yard space. I must say the work truly speaks for itself as my fence stood the test during this recent September 2022 hurricane, where many of my neighbors were leaning or missing slats, my fence remained in tact.
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell
Really nice work and great to deal with. Fence came through Tropical Storm Nicole with zero issues. Thanks!
Summer Strawbridge
Summer Strawbridge
My Fence had the best customer service. Collins was awesome to talk to and she told me exactly the fence that would be best for me! They were easy to work with and did everything they said they would. I loved working with them.
Valarie Farr
Valarie Farr
We had just moved into a house that didn't come with a fence. We needed one since we have a dog. My Fence Co. was able to come out the next week for an estimate and the wait for the install was only 3 weeks! Very professional and communicative! We love our new vinyl fence!