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Pro Tips for Building a Fence on a Slope or Uneven Ground

building a fence on a slope

A high-quality fence gives homeowners a robust barrier that increases their property’s curb appeal while significantly enhancing security. However, building a fence on a slope in Lakeland, FL, isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have prior experience. Fortunately, My Fence Company is here to teach you how to build a fence on a slope using professional installation methods.

My Fence Company is Lakeland’s residential fencing contractor. Its team can handle any fencing project in the greater Lakeland area, regardless of size or complexity. If you need experienced fencing contractors in Lakeland that can handle all your fencing needs at a fair and affordable price, look no further than My Fence Company.

How to Build a Fence on a Slope in Lakeland, FL: Best Practices

Building a secure fence on uneven ground takes immense time and dedication, but it isn’t impossible. Professionals use various techniques and installation methods to establish fences on slopes without adversely affecting the fence’s structure, security, or appearance. 

Contractors use two common methods when building a fence on a slope:

  • The step method
  • The raking method

The step method works best on steep slopes, while raking is more ideal for shallow slopes since it keeps the fence closer to the ground. Always assess your property and the methods to determine which installation method suits your situation.

The Step Method 

Again, the step method allows contractors to build fences on steep slopes. It works for numerous fencing materials and makes the process faster and less strenuous. Follow the steps below to learn the step installation method.

Start at the Highest Point of the Slope

When using the step method, always start the installation process at the highest point of the slope. Level and secure the first post and draw a point four inches above the ground. After that, secure a string to the next post’s location. 

After making the string level, measure its distance from the ground and reduce it by four inches.

Cut the Next Post

Once the first step is finished, cut the next post to fit the slope. Remember the post must be longer than the first one, so add an additional third of the distance to the post’s bottom. Make it level and use it to determine the next post’s length. Continue the process until you install all the fence posts.

Install Panels, Sections, or Rails of the Fence

After installing all the posts, use the four-inch mark on the first fence post to install the metal sections of a fence or wooden panel. For slat-and-rail or picket fences, secure the bottom rail to the four-inch mark and pull it to the second post. Use a level to make the rail horizontal if necessary.

Install the Slats

Once you install the rails, use a level to make the slats vertical before securing them to the rails (when installing a picket or slat-and-rail fence). Also, ensure the slats’ tops are level with each other before installing them.

Fill the Gaps

Finally, fill the gaps underneath the fence’s bottom rail or panel with horizontal boards or wire mesh. You can also install raised beds along the fence to fill in the gaps. 

The Rake Method

The rake method doesn’t feature as many phases as the step method but only works for shallow slopes. The process is as follows.

Install the Posts

Start by cutting the posts to make the fence’s top level on the slope. Once cut, place the first post at the slope’s highest point and measure its height. Set the remaining posts and pull a line level from the first post to the following post. 

Next, measure the line’s height above the ground and include the extra distance. Add one-third of the line’s length to the measurement for the following post.

Angle the Rails’ Ends

After that, adjust the metal rails’ holders to fit the posts before installing them with fasteners. When installing wooden fences, bevel the rails ends before securing them to the posts.

Install Fencing

Finally, when installing the metal mesh for chain-link fences, sever the mesh’s ends at an angle to ensure it follows the rails. Their ends should also be straight with the fence’s posts. Once everything lines up, install the pickets or wood slats uniformly with the ground. If you install them vertically, sever the bottoms to match the slope before completing the process.

How Fencing Materials Affect the Installation Process

Some fencing materials require specific installation methods when building a fence on a slope. For example, aluminum fences prefer the rack method, while pre-made panel fences require the step method. It’s best to contact the fence’s manufacturer and ask them about the best installation method before committing to a specific style.

However, if you want to ensure optimal installation, hire professional contractors to handle the process for you. They understand the best approach to each fence style and material, guaranteeing a fantastic final product.

My Fence Company offers high-quality professional fence installation across the greater Lakeland, FL, area and can build a secure fence that’s as attractive as it is robust. Its team will work with you to find the best fence for your property while providing outstanding customer service throughout the entire process.

Contact My Fence Company for Unmatched Fence Installation in Lakeland, FL

If you plan on building a fence on a slope and need an experienced team to handle installation, contact My Fence Company. Its team will equip your Lakeland, FL, property with a first-class fence that will withstand the test of time while improving its overall allure. Its crew has installed countless fences in Lakeland and beyond, ensuring you receive quality installation from seasoned professionals.Whether you need to install wood fencing or a metal fence on your Lakeland property, My Fence Company is here to help. Give My Fence Company a call or fill in its online form and take the stress out of building a fence on a slope today!

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